The most important thing that a future photographer should understand is encrypted in the word itself - a photograph. After all, its literal translation sounds like - a light, that is, it writes light, and not a camera or lens. A camera with an objective is just a technical means, allowing light to record images on photosensitive surfaces, such as a digital camera, film or photographic plate. The forerunner of the photo was a camera obscura (obscura in Latin means "dark"), through which they obtained accurate full-scale sketches. Camera obscura is a large dark box the size of a room with a small hole in the middle of one of the walls. On the opposite wall, the image was manually drawn. Even then, before the invention of lenses and photosensitive materials, the artists used the semi-mechanical method of obtaining an accurate image of objects. The very invention of photography, or rather the daguerreotype, belongs to the French Daguerre and Niepce (1839). Specifically, the photograph is born with the invention of Talbot in 1840-1841. photographic plates. The color image was first received in 1868 - 69. Frenchman L. Ducos du Oron. During all this time the photo has firmly entered our life and divided into many narrow areas, such as: artistic, technical, macrophotography, microphotography, aerial photography, X-rays, infrared photography, underwater photography, reportage, reproduction, photography of animals, photography of nature , applied photography and so on. Each direction has its own goals and means of achieving them.
"Photography" - this word has its roots in the Greek language, in translation from which means "light" and "I write".
What is a photograph? This is nothing more than the process of capturing fleeting moments.
The appearance of a photographic photograph is possible under the influence of light and some chemical reactions and physical processes, in which the image of objects is transferred to a digital medium or special paper.
The actuality of the photo these days
Since the appearance of the photo, its popularity has not only not faded, but continues to grow. Snapshots are a great opportunity to create, preserve and make eternal the happiest moments in the life of any person.
Photos allow you to mentally return to any captured day, whether it's a wedding, the birth of a baby or any other significant event. Very often the pictures of loved people are stored in their wallets, and their portraits are decorated with a desk in the office.
Photographs are also indispensable visual evidence in civil and criminal proceedings. Surprisingly, here the development of technologies does not always play a positive role. The fact is that it is not at all difficult to make any change to a digital photograph, so in all cases it can not be 100% proof.
But the previous film shots can well serve as an evidence base, as they can not be changed. A film photograph is created by means of special materials, within which a number of photochemical processes take place.
There are so-called electrographic images. The process of image transfer in such images is associated with a unique silver-free method.
Recently, digital photos are relevant. In this case we are talking about electronic images in which all processes occur under the influence of electric charges.
The popularity of digital photos is very easy to explain: without waste of any materials and without much effort in a short period of time, you can take thousands of photos, which are then transferred to a computer and, selecting the best pictures, print using a printer at home. At the same time, there is no need to go to photo salons and spend time and money on printing photos.
First Photographs
But for the appearance of the first photographs many years ago, it took a lot of time and effort. The first camera was called obscura. The appearance of the first photograph dates back to 1839.
The first photo was in black and white, color images appeared later. Of course, images with bright colors look more festive, smart and cheerful. But black and white pictures are also attractive, they have a special solemnity. To date, there are many types of photographs: art, portrait, landscape, reportage, etc.
Some believe that the photogenic nature of a person is directly related to its beauty, but this is far from the case. On the photo, those who have lines and curves on the face are considered to be more effective look more effective.

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